Netkent Üniversitesi

Dear Students,

Welcome to Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University,

In today's world, we are living digitalization and unlimited interactive communication in the most effective way. The new needs of globalization necessitate reviewing the strategies, methods and basic principles used in higher education as well. Since continuous change and development concepts are irresistible in our time, advances in technological, economic, sociological and cultural fields also bring the need for sustainable quality in the academic field. Besides, career development and planning are of vital importance both for today's prospective students and professionals.

As a pioneer in applying the 21st century’s advanced learning systems, Netkent is centered on our students’ success providing them with exceptional experiences and connections to successful careers in the globalized world. For this reason, Netkent positioned its identity as the first digital online interactive university in our region.

Studying at Netkent will allow you to explore new interests, and fully realize your potential. These experiences and more will produce career-ready graduates, who have always been central to our mission. Through a process that includes career exploration and professional preparation, we will connect you with career paths and foster the skills and mindset needed for professional advancement. When you are on the graduation path, you will have more than just a degree from Netkent. You will have career direction and the confidence needed for success in your chosen field having been educated by our internationally prestigious academic staff from any place in the world. During your life in Netkent, you are not supposed to go to the university physically for education, but the education or your university come wherever you are. Indeed, what makes a university is an atmosphere formed by academics and students.

Finally, becoming our student means you are part of a close-knit international community as well as a strong network that will support you from day one and help you achieve your vision of success.

As an old Latin American saying expresses: “Traveler, there is no path. The path is made as you go”. Netkent is welcomes you to go together…

Rector Prof. Dr. Tayfun TURGAY