Netkent University


Today, we live in an age called “digital”. Many things are changing and transforming, including life, habits, professions. While all this is happening, of course, the education sector continues to change.

We had only one goal when we set out on the road: to establish such a university that will guide this change and add value to our country, our people and humanity as a first. The foundation of Netkent was laid at this focal point. Many firsts have been achieved in the long journey of our founders with the aim of establishing a university. For the first time in Turkey, it worked with many universities in the e-MBA and e-MYO programs as the 'Investor Integrator Solution Partner'. A new sector was created by bringing the domestic technology and system called "cannot be done" to Turkey.

After the Chairman of the Council of Higher Education, which was visited by the university entrepreneurial board of founders to introduce our project and get its approval, stated that it would be more appropriate to establish our university in the TRNC for strategic reasons and to contribute to the concept of the island of informatics Cyprus, our esteemed Minister, Dr. With the encouragement of M.Hilmi Güler and the understanding of "That's the Homeland", initiatives were started with the TRNC government and YODAK.

First of all, our Founding Board visited the Prime Minister of the time, the 3rd President of the TRNC, Derviş Eroğlu, and valuable members of the Council of Ministers. We have received their approval and support, for which we are grateful.

The first digital Turkish university to operate with the distance education method, Akdeniz Research and Science University, applied for the preliminary permission to open, in accordance with the TRNC laws, to the TRNC Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports on 11/12/2009. After obtaining the preliminary permission to open the Ministry, we made an official application with an academic and technical presentation to the chairman and members of the Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YODAK). permission granted.

In this process, the most valuable permission for us was the heartfelt approval of the late Rauf Denktaş. We shared our project with our Founding President and requested his consent. Mr. Denktash waited for a while and said in a very serious tone, “Okay, very good. I trust you. This university is very important for the survival of this state, but you will encounter many obstacles. Make me a promise. You will never break your spirits.” said. Afterwards, he said, “You will enroll me in the Department of Economics, and I will study too. I will sit at home and learn economics comfortably.” he added. Is it possible not to share the humility, determination and excitement of a man of vision, this great man who founded a state, and forget him? We commemorate our student number 1 with respect, love and longing.

With Netkent, it is aimed not only as an educational institution that will enlighten the way of those who catch up with the era and even transform it, but also a university that will keep its founding principles alive by contributing to research and science production. Netkent is a leading university in the era of digital transformation, where the rate of internet usage is constantly increasing, access to information becomes easier, the concept of space becomes abstract and time becomes even more important...

While we see this initiative as a debt to humanity and our people, we believe that; The ideal Netkent, born from these ideals, will forever guide those who carry the torch of science.