What are Netkent Online Degree Programs?
Netkent has undergraduate and graduate online interactive degree programs in English medium. Undergraduate Programs are ''Business Administration'', ''Software Engineering'', ''Management Information Systems Engineering'', ''Computer and Information Systems Engineering'' and Graduate Program is MBA. You can pursue the Netkent degree programs completely online.
Is Online MBA a real MBA?
Yes. Students who complete the Online MBA program will receive a transcript and diploma which shows that a Master of Business Administration degree has been earned from Netkent Mediterrenean Research and Science University. There is no difference between on-campus and online earned MBA degree. After successfully completing the degree requirements you will be part of the Netkent alumni network.
When was Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University founded?
The University was granted the Preliminary Permission from TRNC Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on 31/12/2009 and the Approval of Higher Education Planning Evaluation Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK) on 04/02/2010 with the resolution number 33/2006 respectively in accordance with the laws of TRNC.

Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University started to give education in the 2018-2019 academic year as the most important player of the global e-learning sector in region.
Is There On-Campus Education in Netkent?
Netkent implements a model that provides education through electronic tools and software over the internet, whereby the interactive structure in the e-classrooms is established and the students can work individually. It also provides independence of time and space and is supervised continuously. The medium of instruction is Turkish and English. On-Campus Education is not available in Netkent. Academics give interactive lectures live on the internet. Students who can not attend the course will be able to watch the recorded video of the course.

With the innovative education model, students have the opportunity to interact live with the faculty members in every stage of education in an electronic environment. In Netkent, where all education is conducted in a digital interactive way, student enrollments are also realized on the web.
What is the Medium of Instruction for International Students?
The medium of instruction for international students is English.
Is there an obligation to attend live classes?
70% attendance to live classes is compulsory. However, even if you can not attend the live class lesson you can fulfil compulsory attendance by watching recorded class sessions later.
If I miss interactive lessons, can I watch later?
Yes. You can do.
How Can I appy to Netkent?
For Graduate Programs; you must have earned a bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree from an accredited institution (on-Campus or online). For Undergradute Programs; you must have earned a highschool degree.
What documents do I need for enrollment?
* Copy or English translated photocopy of Undergraduate Diploma (for Graduate Programs) or High School Diploma (for Undergraduate Programs)
* Official transcript (the applicant has to submit an English version of the official transcript)
* Copy of the identity card or passport
* One photograph
* Two Reference Letters
* Curriculum Vitae (CV)
* Letter of Intent
How can I get student certificate?
You can get it online with the square code over the system. Alternatively, it is mailed to you in return for a wet signed fee.
How can I pay tuition fee?
You can pay tuition fee with bank transfer or credit card option when completing your registration process. You will receive an informative e-mail concerning this during your application.
How many exams are there in an academic term?
There will be one mid-term as an online test and one final project at the end of the semester. At the beginning of the academic term, each lecturer will share his / her syllabus with his / her students.
How is exam security provided for online exams?
As Netkent, we have an infrastructure equipped with the latest technology. All necessary security measures have been provided in this regard.
What is the passing grade of a course?
Minimum 60/100 is required as the term grade.
If you have questions, please send an e-mail to: int-office@netkent.edu.tr