Netkent University

Information Systems and Management Engineering (MIS)


The main purpose of the Information Systems and Management (MIS) program is to prepare its graduates for the IT expertise jobs that companies need. Graduates will be able to analyze business problems, determine information system-based solutions suitable for their needs and adapt these solutions.



Management Information Systems (MIS) provide information to support the process operation, management and decision-making functions of an enterprise, and include human-process-technology integrity. MIS establishes the structure to obtain the information in the enterprise through computer systems and uses this information to produce solutions to the problems in management and business areas. The system uses hardware, software, analysis, planning, control and decision-making models and databases.


Graduates will be able to work in software projects manager, data analyst, system analyst, consultant, programmer, system administrator, database administrator and similar positions in the international business area.

1st Term 
Course CodeCourse NameECTS
LNG101English Language I3
GENE101Nature, Science, Human I6
GENE111Society, Science and Human I6
ENGE101Mathematics I5
ENGE111Physics I5
ENGEE121Introduction to Programming5
2nd Term 
Course CodeCourse NameECTS
LNG102English Language II3
GENE102Nature, Science, Human II6
GENE112Society, Science and Human II6
ENGE102Mathematics II5
ENGE112Physics II5
ENGE122Data Structures5
3rd Term 
Course CodeCourse NameECTS
LNGE201English Language III3
ENGE201Introduction to Computer&Software Engineering5
ENGE211Engineering Economics3
ENGE221Differential Equations5
ENGE231Probability and Statistics 5
ENGE241Data Structures and Algorithms (C++)5
ENGE251Intorduction of Computer Networks4
4th Term 
Course CodeCourse NameECTS
LNGE202English Language IV3
ENGE202Discrete Mathematics5
ENGE212Numerical Methods for Engineers5
ENGE222Object Oriented Programing I5
ENGE232Algorithm Design and Analysis5
ENGE242Fundamentals of Law for Engineers3
ENGE252Ethical and Social Concepts in Information Systems4
5th Term 
Course CodeCourse CodeECTS
LNG301English Language V3
ENGE301Object Oriented Programing II5
ENGE303Corporate Knowledge Management I5
ENGE321Web Programming I4
ENGE331Database Systems5
ENGE305Accounting and Finance6
ENGE307IT Law5
6th Term 
Course CodeCourse CodeECTS
LNGE302English Language VI3
ENGE302Operating Systems I4
ENGE322Web Programming II4
ENGE305Corporate Knowledge Management II5
ENGE332Linear Algebra5
ENGE352Analysis of Social Media and Web5
ENGE372Decision Support Systems4
7th Term 
Course CodeCourse CodeECTS
LNG401English Language VII3
ENGE481Management and Organization4
ENGE491Economic Analysis and Business Economics5
ENGE411Human and Computer Interaction4
ENGE431Development of Mobile Applications I4
ENGE441IT Security I5
ENGE451Project Management in Engineering Systems5
8th Term 
Course CodeCourse CodeECTS
LNGE402English Language VIII3
ENGE414Industrial Communication Systems5
ENGE432E-Commerce Systems4
ENGE442IT Security II4
ENGE472Introduction of Information Filtering and Data Mining4
ENGE416Innovation and Entrepreneurship in IT5
ENGE448Graduation Project5


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