Our Joint International Programs are introduced at the Orientation Fair in Ivory Coast

Our Joint International Undergraduate and Graduate Programs are introduced at the Orientation Fair in  Ivory Coast

Online "MBA in Executive Management", "MBA in Banking and Finance" and "Political Science and International Relations" programs, which were implemented under the academic partnership between Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University (NETKENT) and Université Internationale des Sciences Techniques Appliquées et du Management (UISTAM), were introduced at the Orientation Fair held in Abidjan ( July 29th-30th-31st, 2021) and Bouake (August 3rd-4th, 2021) cities of the Ivory Coast.


While MBA Programs were designed based on the world's most prestigious MBA programs, Political Science and International Relations bachelor program specifically focused on African foreign policy courses. All the programs attracted great interest from Orientation Fair participants. Indeed, these programs will start in the 2021-2022 Academic Year and students who complete them successfully will be able to graduate with a double diploma from both universities at the end of their education.