Netkent University

Academic Staff

Professor Mehmet Hulusi Demir

  • B.Sc., Middle East Technical UniversityB.A., Middle East Technical University, Marketing Management
  • M.Sc., Ege University, Production Management
  • Ph.D., Ege University, Production Management, Ph.D., Ege University, Technic Sciences

After graduating from METU Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration, Professor Mehmet Hulusi Demir took lectures and seminars at Berlin Technical University Faculty of Economics. He completed his Master's Degree in “Production Management” at Ege University Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences. He completed his PhD studies at Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences of Ege University, in the fields of Technical Sciences and Production Management respectively. He became an Associate Professor in the field of "Business Economics" and was appointed as a professor in the Department of Numerical Methods at the Department of Business Administration in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Dokuz Eylül University. He was a "Visiting Researcher-Scientist" at Technical University of Berlin, Faculty of Economics and University of California, Berkeley. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Dokuz Eylül University.